walking through the wider world


This site contains information about the projects, publications, and other items of interest of Tim and Meg Niiler.


A number of software projects are currently in the works, most of which have been open-sourced. These include TaxGeek which allows Linux users to complete their US 1040 and related tax forms for free; OpenTrack2d which is a two-dimensional video digitizer with kinematic analysis built-in; the related JSvg which is a client-side Scalable Vector Graphics library for mozilla based browsers; and JSCourseManager which allows for course management, including grade posting, without access to a cgi-bin on the server.


This section includes a list of most recent publications and presentations from the professional life of Tim Niiler. These are mostly biomechanical, martial arts, or physics related.

OpenSource Wushu

This links to the web-page of the wushu-kungfu school run by Tim and Meg Niiler in West Chester, PA. The school has the philosophy that martial arts should be accessible to everyone, and that personal attention produces the best results.

Camino de Santiago

One of the most interesting adventures we have been on was walking the Camino de Santiago starting in Pamplona, Spain. The Camino is an an ancient pilgrimage route that traditionally runs from St. Jean Pied-du-Port in France to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia (Spain). Legend holds that St. James is buried in Santiago de Compostela.


Both of us are teachers at this point in our lives. Meg tutors at Westtown and on the Main Line, whereas Tim teaches in the Mathematics and Computer Sciences department at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania.