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Use of an instrumented mat for objective gait metrics of CNS disorders

Tuesday: 2.10-3.40pm - Sara Kleinet al

Racial Differences in Gait Mechanics

Tuesday: 2.10-3.40pm - Cherice Hillet al

Long term impact of DBS on gait in PD: a Kinematic study

Tuesday: 2.10-3.40pm - Richa Tripathiet al

Response surface methodology reveals changing motor control strategies during a single leg squat

Tuesday: 5.15-6.30pm - David Paket al

Effect of Autograft Type on Recovery of Knee Extensor Mechanism Function Following Pediatric Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Tuesday: 5.15-6.30pm - Tishya Wrenet al

Joint kinetics in understanding possible causes for pain and reduced running performance: a case study

Tuesday: 5.15-6.30pm - Sylvia Õunpuuet al

Children with cerebral palsy generate minimal net work by triceps surae about the ankle

Wednesday: 1.20-3.35pm - Anahid Ebrahimiet al

Calcaneal Sliding Osteotomy Versus Calcaneal Lengthening Osteotomy for Valgus Foot Deformity Correction in Children with Cerebral Palsy

Wednesday: 1.20-3.35pm - Susan Rethlefsenet al

The relationship between pelvic-hip musculature and functional ambulation in patients with Myelomeningocele

Wednesday: 1.20-3.35pm - Tasos Karakostaset al

Temporospatial parameters in pediatric hip pathology patients

Wednesday: 5.15-6.30pm - Lauren Luginslandet al

Inter and intra rater reliability of the image based criteria of the foot posture index in pediatric populations

Wednesday: 5.15-6.30pm - Emma Tomeset al

Functional deficits in the non-operatively treated skeletally mature child with clubfoot: movement quality assessment using accelerometry data

Wednesday: 5.15-6.30pm - Wilshaw Stevenset al


Monday: undefined - undefinedet al